Oil Perfume Set “Top Premium” 5x7ml

Oil perfume set
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Try our Oil Perfume Set.
Explore a variety of scents and discover the perfume of top quality that complements your style.
The set contains:
1) perfume oils top premium 5x7ml
2) magnetic box

№1 (for women)
1.Attar Arabian Queen-1
2.Attar Golden Dust-1
3.Attar Musk Sabaya-1
4.Attar Rose Amani-1
5.Attar Opium Black-1
№2 (for men)
1.Attar Sandal Oud-1
2.Attar Million-1
3.Attar Black Musk-1
4.Attar White Oud-1
5.Attar Supreme Sultan-1
№3 (unisex)
1.Attar Tobaco Vanila-1
2.Attar Golden Dust-1
3.Attar White Oud-1
4.Attar Sandal Oud-1
5.Attar Quel Quis Fleur-1

Alcohol free.
Apply the perfume on pulsating areas (wrist, bend of elbow, neck).
Cannot be applied to clothing.
We can replace the scent if it is not in stock.

Weight30 g
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from €2. Free delivery in Lithuania from €15.



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1-2 business days for goods in our warehouse. Pre-order-5-30 business days.


Men, Women


Gift set № 1, Gift set № 2, Gift set № 3


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