Questions about products


Natural perfumes of the East has a lot of  advantages:

  • Remarkable stability of the product. Some concentrate oil perfume  are felt by people even after a few days.
  • Arab oil-based perfume – friendly product that does not contain any chemical ingredients, no alcohol.
  • Arab oil perfume do not irritate  the skin, do not oxidize under the influence of direct sunlight and do not cause pigment spots in the field of application.
  • Oriental oil perfumes contain pheromones, which have “natural magnetism.” It is no secret that arab oil perfume have a pronounced aphrodisiac properties.
  • Concentrated perfume oil has an interesting feature: when the body temperature changes, the notes of arab oil perfume begins to unfold more intensively. They are “adjusted” by the smell of human skin and reveals the most successful way.
  • Arab perfume have concentrated structure. They are easily absorbed, and does not evaporate on the skin, unlike traditional European fragrances.
  • Their shelf life is higher than ordinary perfume.

High quality is guaranteed! Manufacturers support  the certificates of product quality. Also customer reviews say about the quality of the products.

The main rule of the application – microdose.

In contrast to European alcohol analogues, such perfume are applied by small glass stick or roller doser.

You can use perfumes on the body after bathing.
Apply perfume to the pulsating points (wrist, elbow bend, neck).
Do not put on clothes.

Yes. They are absorbed very quickly and leaves no stains, only the fragrance.

It depends on the frequency of use. Small bottle 3ml can easily serve for 1 to 3 months.

When they stored properly, their shelf life is unlimited!

Importantly, do not store them in places where the sun’s rays fall.

Yes. They are made only from natural ingredients.
The traditional Arabic perfumes do not use alcohol, but only a mixture of different oils (wood, aloe, patchouli, myrrh, incense, etc.)

Oil fragrances smell significantly from the first moments: openly and strongly.
In the process of absorption, they are well moisturize and nourish the skin.

Azalia perfumes unique, rare and versatile.
We choose perfume of high quality, to satisfy the most demanding customers.
We supply arab perfumes directly from the manufacturer of the best arab perfume houses

Enough small drop of perfume for 10 hour action. In contact with water the fragrance opens with a bang.

You can add:

  • in massage blends to improve the achieved result..

  • in aromatic baths to soothe the nervous system, full relaxation

  • in shampoo – to make the enchanting aroma of hair

  • in body cream – for a light fragrance all over your skin

  •  in sea ​​salt – with the addition of olive oil and a few drops of our perfume, you get a great body scrub.

  • tonic for the face – mix our spirits with mineral water and get a great energotonic with rejuvenating effect (100ml sparkling mineral water, adding, if desired, 2-3 drops of oil perfume, and refreshes the skin.)

No, they are not copies! But they smell like designer types or much better.