Azalia leasing

The desired goods can be purchased in installments, especially quickly and conveniently!
Azalia leasing is offered and administered by ESTO UAB
You will only need to confirm your order, choose ESTO leasing as the payment method, familiarize yourself with the personal terms and conditions of the service and digitally sign the installment purchase agreement.
Advantages of online purchase in installments:
• Extremely fast, convenient and safe process, lasting about 1-2 minutes;
• You will see the answer regarding the granting of financing immediately;
• You will be able to choose the most favorable contract term or payment amount;
• You will sign the installment purchase contract electronically – convenient, fast and safe.
Terms of installment purchase:
• We will finance the purchase price up to €10,000;
• Repayment terms up to 60 months;
• Persons at least 19 years of age may enter into contracts.
• ESTO’s convenient self-service environment will allow you to view signed contracts and conveniently manage their payments.
Buy now and pay later, in a way that is convenient for you
Pay Later – a new and innovative payment method – confirm your order with Bolt Pay Later with just a few clicks – this will allow you to receive your order now and pay later. No additional fees when paying within the first 30 days. This payment method is offered and administered by ESTO UAB.
ESTO 3 – you can pay without an increase, in 3 equal parts, within 3 months, if you comply with the conditions specified in the contract!
Add the desired items to the shopping cart, confirm your order, the selected payment method ESTO 3 and digitally sign the items.
• If you pay for your purchases without delay within three months, your installment purchase agreement will be fulfilled.*
• The monthly payment will be one third of the shopping cart amount.*
• All citizens of the Republic of Lithuania between the ages of 19 and 70 can buy with ESTO 3. ESTO UAB provides a safe payment method.
ESTO leasing – low monthly payments up to 60 months. for the term – pay for your order in small monthly installments. Sign the contract in by signature, Smart ID app or e. in banking.
ESTO is a financial service provider that was established in 2016.
Today, ESTO can offer a wide range of payment methods throughout the Baltic region and connects more than 2,000 sellers and over 200,000 customers. More information: