Arabic Perfume Wholesale

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Searching for a reliable Arabic perfume supplier? Plannning to open your own “perfume” business?

Online shop  AZALIA  is pleased to offer you its services and products.

We offer the perfumery,bakhoor of the best Middle Eastern manufacturers: Arabi,Al Hunaidi,Lattafa, Ard Al Zafraan, Alhambra, Armaf

The quality of their perfume is highly appreciated in their countries and abroad.

We select the best natural products of high quality to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Arab oil perfume is a popular goods in online and offline retail markets.

We welcome cooperation with distributors, online retailers, wholesale buyers,perfume online shops,companies and other organizations working in the ‘oriental trend. “

Minimum order amount –250 euro.

To become a wholesale buyer, you need to register on the website and enter your company details.

We register you as a wholesale buyer and then you can place the order as a wholesale buyer.

We will send an exls file with perfume names and prices.

Wholesale buyers place orders  by email.

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