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For many years, the perfume company Al Massa is considered as one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of Arabian perfumes on base of oils or alcohol.  Al Massa Fragrances are awakening  the best feelings and human emotions. The company produces perfumes for all ages of men and women. Perfumes Al Massa Perfumes contains high quality raw materials made in France. Thus, perfume oils in many cases similar or even better than the original versions. All fragrances are resistant and economical. They consists of only natural ingredients.

AL SHITAWI (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Al Shitaiwi Perfumes is one of the perfume companies in  Saudi Arabia and other countries of the Middle East.Al Shitaiwi company is the largest exclusive authorized agent in KSA, specializing in the manufacture of natural perfume. One of keys to their success is to provide their customers needs with speed and the highest standards of quality and at the right price.Their Products:
  • East Perfumes
  • French Perfumes
  • Al.Oud and Al.Bakhour

AL SEDAE (Yemen)

Al Sedae  is specialized in manufacturing perfumes, carrying both brand name and Logo (Al-Sedae). They an experience of more than 20 years. Their products consist of:

  • Spray Alcoholic Perfumes 
  • Oriental Oil Perfumes 
  • Oil Designer Type  Perfume
  • Oud

Their main target is the middle class. Their products` quality is top-noT considering the prices and they can proudly claim that their products are “The best value for money”

MNP Perfumes (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

MNP Perfumes are one of the leading perfumery companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East countries.
MNP Perfumes has its own production lines in Jeddah.
The company produces:

  • Oriental and French fragrances
  • Air Fresheners
  • Bakhoor,
  • Body lotions
  • Other cosmetics.

All perfumes are made in the gift version.

NJD Cosmetics (France)

NJD Cosmetics is a famous French company with 25 years of experience in hair care.

Henne Color line is known in more than 35 countries.

Women from Europe, North America, Asia, Japan, Oceania and South America enjoyed and use this line.

  • gentle hair colour products free from oxidising agents, ammonia, p-phenylenediamine (PPD), resorcinol and heavy metals.
  • fragrances and scents for the home