Oud Yusuf EDP Unisex 100ml

EDP/Spray perfume
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Perfume from the largest and oldest manufacturer in the UAE. Founder of many famous popular Arab brands.
We are the official distributor of this brand.
Yusuf is not only a perfume, but an adornment, enhancing one’s presence with a touch of luxury and refinement.
One of the beautiful oud scents.
Oud Yusuf is delightful.
This exclusive perfume transforms lilac-apricot accords with rose and spice into a masterpiece!
Lilac and lilies, notes of honeydew and apricot, a luxurious melange of oud resin, flowers and fruits made Oud Yusuf one of the most beloved ouds.
Long lasting and high quality perfume.
Ideal gift. Suitable for all occasions.
Made in UAE.

Weight450 g
Perfume type

Alcohol-based perfume


Men, Women

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