Arabic Perfume vs European Fragrances

By Natalija Shabanava

The Arabians are known for it`s production of high quality perfume.
They are producing scented oil and they use natural components in making the oil. The oil perfumes have received worldwide awards and this has made them one of the best perfume over the world.

the Arabs are specialists in composing oil perfumes.
All compositions are made on base of oil. This means that the oil is the base natural solvent. As a result, the perfume fragrance lasts for a very long period of time on your skin,on your dress. At the same time alcohol perfumes evaporate very quickly.

Arabian oil perfumes do not cause allergies, so they can be used by people who are allergic to alcohol-containing perfume.

Arab perfume is the most persistent in the perfume world and is distinguished by their unusual fragrances.

Perfume is very economical.

A bottle of perfume 3ml = 30ml bottle of alcohol-containing perfume.

Therefore, the Arab perfume is economical not only in use, but also in the monetary concept.

Arab perfume is a nectar for the soul, a music for the body, the consent of the senses.

Opening the lid of the bottle, immediately felt an exciting, delicious aroma that will take hold of the attention, awaken sensuality and will not leave indifferent.

Arabian scents are the autograph of your body.

They adjust to your skin, reveal the most successful way, emphasizing your individuality and originality.

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