Tester Set Unisex 5x1ml

Tester set unisex
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We suggest you to try perfume oil in a beautiful aluminium bag.
The set includes 5x1ml :

Attar Oud f/Greatness Premium – 1
Attar Black Oud Premium -1
Attar English Jasmine – 1
Attar More Than Words Premium – 1
Attar Gharam -1

Attar Kirke Premium-1
Attar Bakara Premium-1
Attar Erba Pura Premium-1
Attar Lost Cherry Premium-1
Attar Ispahan Premium-1

Alcohol free. Apply perfume on pulsating areas (wrist, elbow bending, neck).
Cannot be applied to clothes.

Weight5 g

Gift set № 1, Gift set № 2


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