PROF Active Hyaluron.Bio-Revitalization Facial Mask Gel 200 ml

Compulsory completion for a facial care program
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High-molecular hyaluronic acid

konjac glucomannan, Idealift, IRIS ISO

●secures the effect of machine treatments

●ensures and maintains an active skin moisturizing effect

●prolongs the effect of active substances

●helps ensure a lasting instant lift effect

The bio revitalizing hydrogel mask is a compulsory completion for a facial care program. The mask helps previously applied serums, concentrates or active substances penetrate, while enhancing their effect many times, helps rejuvenate the skin, and starts cell renewal reactions, which lead to comprehensive skin restructuring.

High-molecular hyaluronic acid and IRIS ISO activate the skin rejuvenation functions (elastin and collagen synthesis), “awaken” metabolic processes, boost production of structural proteins and dermal intercellular matter, turn on natural self-regeneration and self-regulatory mechanisms, heavily slow down skin aging, and reduce oxidative stress, while providing intensive skin hydration and a lasting lift effect.

Konjac glucomannan and Idealift ensure that the perfect skin balance and tightness are restored, while soothing and moisturizing the skin.
Applications of the mask ensures that the skin receives intensive, comprehensive care: modeling of the facial contours, increased elasticity and suppleness, tighter fiber structure, improved epidermis barrier function, and a freshly looking, shining skin.

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