Parafinoterapija.Cream-Compress with Urea 25% for Feet 100 ml

Against cracks, cores
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Cracks, dry calluses and corns

Dry, rough, rough skin

The effect of “heavy legs”

The need to protect the skin from the adverse effects of environmental factors

Prevention of dryness and cracks


Urea in an effective concentration of 25% actively softens corns and dry calluses, helping to quickly and easily remove rough skin. Intensively moisturizes and softens, reduces discomfort from cracks and calluses. Disinfects the skin, accelerates the regeneration processes, providing fast healing of cracks, making the skin soft, smooth and tender.

Liquid paraffin is a highly effective component that is used in professional beauty salons for foot skin care. Thanks to its unique properties, it provides quick visible results to permanently return the skin to its excellent smoothness, softness and well-groomed appearance. Liquid paraffin creates a weightless occlusive breathable film that prevents dryness, and the skin remains hydrated, nourished, soft and tender for a long time.

Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, tones up, accelerates the healing of microcracks, and helps to reduce sweating.

Yarrow (extract) has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, heals and strengthens nails.

Sage (extract) has a firming and soothing effect, activates the elimination of toxins from cells, and prevents the appearance of age-related skin changes.

The “smart” component Freskolat plus in combination with mint extract refreshes, tones, deodorizes the skin of the feet, relieves the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

Result after 1 procedure: noticeably softer and more hydrated skin, a feeling of comfort and lightness.

The result with regular use: smooth, soft, healthy feet and heels without cracks and corns.

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