Lux Volume.Shampoo Mega-Volume for Dry, Thin and Thinned hair

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Shampoo Mega-VOLUME is created specially to care for dry, thin and thinned hair, it starts to compact hair from within, strengthen their structure and fill volume on all length already during a purification stage. The professional formula with the innovative technology of restoring the structure of hair gives the hair an impressive density and elasticity, raises them at the roots and literally restructures the hair material in order to create a luxurious volume.

The curls become charmingly resilient and shiny, the luxury of voluminous hair persists for an incredibly long time.

The maximum effect is achieved with the complex application of line products.

Directions: apply shampoo onto damp hair, gently massage, then rinse with water. If desired, repeat the procedure. For best results, use with the balm of this line.

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