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Gift set for women
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Gift Set is Attar Shahrazad Premium (10 ml) + lava stone bracelet – Hamsa – tiger eye

Attar Shahrazad Premium – sexual floral aroma for women.The fragrance of love!!!
Notes: lotus, patulis, musk, ylang-ylang
Without alcohol. Glass bottle with a stick applicator.
Apply perfume on pulsating areas (wrist, elbow bending, neck).
Cannot be applied to clothes.

2.Lava stone bracelet – Hamsa – Tiger Eye
Lava stone jewelry is a fashion trend in recent years.
The bracelet is decorated with dark porous lava stone beads.
What is Lava Stone?
Lava stone is one of the oldest and most common stones in the world.
The stone comes from the core of the Earth. Because this stone is obtained from such green energy (fire), it is considered a stone of rebirth.
lava stone is perfect for root chakras. When the root chakra stabilizes, you feel safer and more positive.
Usage of lava jewelry for aromatherapy.
All you have to do is to apply 1-2 drops of your favourite perfume or essential oils and rub them. Then enjoy aromatherapy with these beautiful jewelry all day.
Don’t worry about whether it will work for you because it is stretching – one size is suitable for everyone.
A great gift for any occasion.

Perfume type

Concentrated perfume oil

Fragrance notes

Floral, Musky



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