Foot Care. Foot Anti-Crack Night Balm

For hard, rough foot skin care
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It is designed for hard, rough foot skin care.
The balm contains an increased amount of useful oil which actively softens the skin, gives it elasticity and reduces the risk of skin cracking.
Active substances and their effects:
Crinipan – patented antiseptic;
Essential oils (tea tree, pine, lavender, rosemary) – soothing, antibacterial, deodorant effect;
Natural oils (lanolin, avocado, jojoba) – provides long-term skin softening, moisturizing, promotes healing of skin cracks;
Menthol and Camphor – soothes, rejuvenates and increases blood circulation.

Application: apply balm to dry coarsened areas of the feet. Massage until absorbed. For use at night.


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