Aloe.Washing Foam with D-Panthenol

Perfectly clean, moistened, shiny skin

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Gently and gently cleanses

Moisturizes and refreshes

Soothes and mattes

The most delicate skin, saturated with such effective moisturizing, soothing and refreshing ingredients as natural aloe vera gel and D-panthenol.

  • Easily and gently cleanses the skin;
  • Soothes and tightens pores;
  • Neutralizes the action of hard water;
  • Giving the skin freshness and brightness.

Result: perfectly cleaned, the skin becomes soft, velvety and matte.

Usage: apply the foam on wet skin of face with palms, make foam, spread with light circular movements, avoiding the area around eyes, gently massage. Wash off the foam with warm water.

It is possible to use in the morning and in the evening.


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