Aloe 97%.Serum with Vitamin Capsules 30 ml

Perfectly nourished,smooth, elastic skin
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  • Provides intensive skin hydration
  • Improves skin elasticity and improves complexion.
  • Prevents premature aging

The unique transparent serum formula contains golden vitamin capsules immersed in aloe-gel.
Vitamin-moisturizing complex, enclosed in capsules, retains its effectiveness for a long time.
When activated by the dispenser, the capsules burst and, mixing with the aloe base, form a unique cocktail of vitamins, microelements, enzymes and other valuable active substances that revive the skin.
It has a moisturizing, revitalizing and antioxidant effect. It improves resiliency, tone and elasticity of the skin, gives freshness and shine.
Aloe vera gel instantly increases the level of moisture, activates the production of collagen and elastin, smoothes wrinkles caused by dehydration, helps eliminate the causes of premature aging.
Hyaluronic acid  creates a protective barrier on the skin surface, prevent the loss of water by cells.
Result: the skin is filled with the invigorating power of aloe and vitamins, it becomes moisturized, elastic, smooth, elastic, it starts to glow from the inside.
100 ml of the product contains concentrated essence from 97 ml of live aloe vera juice

Directions: in the morning and / or in the evening apply to cleansed skin.

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