Aloe.3-in-1 Hydrating Micellar Water for Face and Eyes

Clean, moistened, shiny skin
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Effectively removes makeup and all types of impurities
Intensively moisturizes and tones
Refreshes the complexion

The most delicate and effective formula of micellar water is intended both for general cleansing of skin of any type, including sensitive, prone to irritation and redness, and for removing makeup.

Micelles trap all types of dirt that have accumulated during the day, and quickly and easily remove them from the skin.

Ultra-moisturizing tonic composition of natural aloe vera gel and hyaluronic acid cares for the skin, tired of makeup and daytime stress, fills it with freshness, strength and health, gives a gentle blush and beautiful shine.

Result: the skin is clean, fresh, moisturized, without the slightest feeling of tightness and dryness.

Directions: lightly massage the product into the skin with a cotton pad. To remove eye make-up, apply a cotton pad moistened with micellar water onto closed eyes for a few seconds, then gently remove any makeup residue. Does not require rinsing with water and additional washing.


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