Parafinoterapija.Mask with Liquid Paraffin for Hands and Nails 100 ml

Intensive nutrition and softening
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Very dry, chapped, chapped skin

Pigmentation and uneven tone

Delamination and fragility of nails

Skin prone to irritation and flaking

The need to protect the skin from the adverse effects of environmental factors

Loss of firmness, elasticity, softness

Age-related changes

Dry cuticle

Liquid paraffin is a highly effective component used in professional beauty salons for hand skin care. Thanks to its unique properties, it provides quick visible results to permanently return the skin to its excellent smoothness, softness and a youthful, well-groomed appearance. Liquid paraffin creates a weightless occlusive breathable film that prevents dryness, and the skin remains hydrated, nourished, soft and tender for a long time.Result after 1 procedure: moisturized, soft, silky skin.

The result with regular use: reduced pigmentation, stronger, healthier nails, more well-groomed and youthful skin.

Weight100 g
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