Detox.Antioxidant Vinegar-Gloss for Hair with Ylang-Ylang Oil

Indelible spray-treatment with essential oils of ylang-ylang
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Vinegar gloss is a real source of radiance, lightness, silkiness and softness of hair.
This is a natural highly effective product that harmoniously combines advanced technologies and traditional recipes, which, thanks to healing herbs with a strong antioxidant effect, instantly provides 7 effects:

  •  gives the hair iridescent glossy shine;
  •  provides 3D protection:
  • protection against thermal and mechanical damage,
  • from negative environmental factors,
  • from solar radiation;
  • neutralizes the effect of hard chlorinated water;
  • nourishes, strengthens and heals the hair along the entire length;
  • makes hair soft, supple and manageable;
  • smoothes and seals the hair scales;
  • gives a subtle delicate aroma.

Application: Spray evenly on dry or wet hair.


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