Clean Skin. Antibacterial Film-Mask with Black Charcoal 50 ml

Technology of double action with powerful antibacterial effect
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Antibacterial anti-acne film-mask with black charcoal for problem skin areas:

– removes irritation and redness, dries a little

– promotes fast healing

– removes toxins and tightens pores

The film-mask uses technology of double action with powerful antibacterial effect:

The antibacterial complex blocks inflammation and inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, which cause pustular elements, removes discomfort, dries and promotes rapid healing of the inflamed areas.

Black coal adsorbs excessive sebum and removes toxins and pollution, tightens pores, strengthens the protective functions of the skin.

Directions: apply the film-mask locally on the pre-cleaned skin, on the inflamed areas. Let the mask dry (20-30 min). Then remove the resulting film-patch.

Active ingredients: antimicrobial complex Normo-Sebum, black bamboo charcoal, allantoin.

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