Brilliance Crystals

By administrator
Cosmetic line Brilliance Crystals – a real diamond necklace.
The line is based on precious microcrystals of diamonds and pro-ceramides, skillfully combined in liquid crystal technology so that each product can give curls luxurious silk smoothness and incredible mirror shine.
They penetrate deeply into the hair structure, restore and smooth them from roots to ends, envelop each hair with a weightless reflective film and damaged strands acquire the desired strength, silkiness and iridescent diamond shine.
To achieve the best result, it is recommended to use the line facilities in a comprehensive manner, since they complement and enhance the action of each other.
Since shampoo contains active caring ingredients, it is recommended to apply it to the hair twice: when applied for the first time, dirt from the hair surface is removed, when reapplied to clean hair, beneficial substances can act more deeply and efficiently.
Hair balm can be applied along the entire length, but if the hair is prone to greasy, it is better to retreat a few centimeters from the roots.
Means for intensive hair care should be used at least 1 time per week, and for dry, damaged and brittle hair, such funds can be used daily.

Brilliance Crystals spray is a unique product that helps to instantly give a dazzling diamond shine to even very dull and damaged hair. Just spray it on your hair and enjoy a delightful, precious shine!